This article provides an overview that outlines the typical stages and approximate number of days for an HTML Email project. All vary of course, but this aims to set out the process and highlight where potential pitfalls and opportunities. Understanding this process helps us and our clients work together better, avoid misunderstandings and create stunning work.


To help us deliver what you need, we will need a brief. It should contain who your e-comm is aimed at, what the content will be, especially the length/word counts or provide sample content. 


1 day
After reading your brief, we will clarify with you any queries we might have and advise on best practise.


1 day
We will request an order from you, in the form of a PO or and email confirming our costs. We will assign a unique job number to your project.


2 days
To get the best results it is better for us to design using 'real' content. That way we can ensure your template is workable for your needs.


2 days

We will design you HTML email in Photoshop and proof to you as static JPEGs. It is not cost efective to build concepts, so no items will link at this stage.


1 day - 3 days
We will ask you to feedback on the designs. After listening to you contents we may need to deliver another static proof.
Allow a day for us to revise and another day for your final comments.


1 day
We will send a final proof for written approval. It should be noted that once build (coding) begins, changes to the design and structure would incur an additional cost.


6 days

The HTML and CSS code is written and tested to create a template. The content is added.

Proof 01

1 day

The proof will be emailed to you as a test. It should be noted that each email client (programme) display HTML emails differently. They will never look the same. The aim is to get the best and acheiveable render.

Proof 02

2 days
After listening to your feedback we will revise the file and proof it back to you.

Sign off

1 day

We will again request
 written sign off from you. Everything must be checked thoroughly, any errors beyond sign off are not the responsibility of the agency and may incur an addittional charge.


1 day
Before we provide the final files we will undertake an internal quality check. This is performed by a member of staff that has not reviewed the project previously.


1 day
We will supply the final files for you to upload to your email broadcast provider.


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