I didn’t realise how valuable an integrated marketing approach could be to my business. It’s responsible for 80% of my business and I can’t think of any other activity where I spend £2,000 (on a campaign) and generate £100,000+ in direct revenues.
— David Moore, Owner, Pied à Terre

Case studies

Pied restaurants

THE BRIEF | Michelin starred Pied  à  Terre, L’Autre Pied and pop up Pieds Nus compete in a heavily populated market. How could they maintain or increase their market share with new entrants and food trends happening every day across the capital?

THE SOLUTION | We manage all the marketing aspects and did a bit of re-positioning so they could lay claim to a few things; lunch became one of the best value in London, existing vegetarian menus morphed into a vegetarian fine dining venue with new, eager diners, restaurant gift vouchers became restaurant gift cards – a small change but a large 100% increase in profit. That’s without mentioning SEO and Google page 1, the increase in the highly responsive database  from 3,000 to 20,000+ which generates 100s of covers per month through well crafted emarketing.

THE RESULT |  Website and SEO generating 80% of all bookings, diner emails resulting in reservations in excess of £100,000 for one offer, increase in social media bookings and online exposure.

Pied  à  Terre | www.pied-a-terre.co.uk

L'Autre Pied | www.lautrepied.co.uk



THE BRIEF | This was a new programme with a short launch deadline and a high level of political interest. We were required to put in place the marketing assets, advertising platform and prepare the communications for pre-launch, whilst achieving expressions of interest of 10,000+in four weeks.

THE SOLUTION |  Social media naming and profiles across all platforms were established and set up.  We designed and built the website which had onpage SEO with Google Analytic conversion goals and segments in place.  Facebook advertising with extensive ad testing to ascertain the best messaging and creative treatment which was then applied to pay per click advertising and Twitter cards. Database management for different levels of sign up resulted in managing the monthly enewsletter communications.

THE RESULT | The launch was a success with over 10,000 sign ups, 1,000+ Twitter followers and 700+ Facebook followers in less than 4 weeks.