To achieve great annual report design requires a combination of clear financial reporting, interesting infographics, concise content structure and high quality print. We do all that.  

We bring together effective communication, strong content structures and outstanding design and production to produce engaging and inspiring reporting.

Amalgamated Metal Corporation

From its origins as a founding member of the London Metal Exchange, AMC has grown into an international group which trades, distributes and manufactures metals, metal products and construction materials.


The EITI is a global standard to promote the open and accountable management of extractive resources.


London Luton Airport Community Engagement | Annual Report Design

London Luton Airport does much more than simply looking after travelling customers. Their care and conscience reaches far beyond the airport. LLA Community Engagement Strategy involves giving young people a brighter future, building charity partnerships, supporting the local community and engaging with schools. In this report, they detail targets met through the year, and also set themselves new ones to aim for in the coming years.

The Office Group | Annual report design

The Office Group (TOG) pioneered the concept of the shared workspace in Britain. TOG launched in 2003, when the global economy was beginning to be radically reshaped by new technology and new ideas. Their aim was to reconfigure the modern British workplace to bring it into line with a fast-changing world. They have grown a lot in the last year and asked us to help them show this through their report.

TSL Education | Annual report design

TSL Education (who produce the Times Education Supplement among other things) commissioned Navig8 to produce their first fully designed annual report. We designed strong information graphics illustrating top-level facts and linked these to deeper content with more detailed analysis.  The majority of the design uses graphics rather than the well trodden path of endless photographic images, which would struggle to illustrate TSL's broad and impressive impact.

UCL Enterprise | annual report design

The concept behind our Annual Report for UCL Enterprise was to (attempt to) show the massive scale of their reach in the world of entrepreneurialism and business. UCL Enterprise didn't need buzzwords – they had the hard facts, real figures and first-person accounts to show the breadth of their admirable work in London and beyond. We took these and used them as a graphical device throughout the report. 

BRITISH COUNCIL | annual report design

Our fourth Annual Report for the British Council was probably the most challenging in terms of design and print management. The format completely changed in the fourth year and now all the programme work from their 110 countries was woven together under their main objectives for that year.  To help the reader navigate their way through this new layout, we used a tabbed 'sign-post' system of associated content and engaged them further through clever die cut windows and half-cut pages. 

british council | ANNUAL REPORT design

This was the first Annual Report we did for the British Council and what a gorgeous project it was too! We developed a graphical worldwide map which identified the regions our client worked in individually, which was worked into the main design treatment for the report. The report included oodles of information but through our experienced design tricks, this was done without overloading the reader. 


supports parents by giving them accurate, impartial information so that they can decide what’s best for their family. They introduce them to a network of local parents to gain practical and emotional support.

British Council Schools Online
Connecting Classrooms

Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme brought to you by the British Council in partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID). It offers a free learning journey which helps you to improve your classroom practice and develop your ideas with like-minded teachers internationally.


Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest is driven by the needs and experiences of people with mental distress. They provide an innovative range of evidence-based services for people with experience of mental ill health, promoting wellbeing, resilience and recovery. Navig8 pulled all of the facts and figures together to develop a theme that would tie it all up.


Fund | IMPACT AND Annual report design

The companies is to promote the development of African capital markets, supporting non-sovereign entities to issue local currency bonds in developmental sectors such as financial inclusion, housing, renewable energy and agriculture. This was the first time the organisation (who did not want to be named) had produced an annual report, Navig8 guided them through the process to deliver the report on time.

HMIC | Annual Report Design

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) independently assesses police forces and policing across activity from neighbourhood teams to serious crime and the fight against terrorism – in the public interest. Once a year the team are asked to visualise all of their findings in a more engaging way. Through the use of visualised data. We were approached to do just that task this year (2016) and the client was over the moon from concepts to the finished publication. 

UCL ENTERPRISE | annual report design

UCL Enterprise comprising brings together business and entrepreneurial departments. Navig8 was commissioned to devise a reporting framework to communicate the departments and their diverse achievements. The report highlight key successes and not only acts as a reporting tool , but also as a way of communicating how these different department interact and how they provide benefits to UCL, student and critically, businesses.

Save the Children | annual report design

A graphic thread flowed through this report highlighting the reach and scale of the work the charity, Save the Children, does. The thread seamlessly wove through the shoes of a dead one-year old boy's shoes in India before moving on the wrap through the iron bars of a teenager in an African orphanage in the next section. It reminded the reader throughout the report that the charity work Save the Children does never ends. 

BRITISH COUNCIL | Annual report design

This was our third Annual Report for the British Council and in our opinion – the most fun. We commissioned an upcoming artist who has shown in our own gallery (Nancy Victor) to illustrate each region. We developed a unique hand drawn typeface that was digitised and used throughout the report. The artwork weaved in real events and photographic imagrey to illustrate the huge scope of this truly global organisation. The end result was progressive, engaging and like nothing the British Council had produced before.