Tips on what is essential and what is flavour of the month in the ever changing world of social media 

In Social Media there’s always some new flavour of the month, be it a tool or network. Time and time again we get told “Facebook is over”, “twitter is dead” and “all the young ones are on [replace with network name]”.

At Navig8 we always urge caution when it comes to getting on the Social Media bandwagon. Depending on your type of business and your target audience, we can help you harness the power of Social Media customers to ensure maximum impact. 

The first port of call ought to be Google Places – statistics show that a physical presence or a registered office address increase customer confidence manifold. You want to ensure your business, be it a Michelin star restaurant or retail is traceable and transparent online. 

Depending on your audience, we at Navig8 can craft an authentic tone of voice for your customers and advise you on the best Social Media platforms for your type of business.

Learn more about how we can increase your revenue via Social Media here

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