If only I had £1 for everyone who told me they lost large sums of money by bidding on ineffective keywords…

For the novices out there, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) enables you to bid for keywords, up to a maximum daily spend to increase your visibility online, say on a search engine like Google or Bing.

PPC can become quite nasty, with bids as high as £11 per keyword. This means that every single time someone clicks on the ad you’ve carefully crafted, you get charged £11… and there is absolutely NO guarantee that the person who clicked will convert – buy your product, subscribe or make a booking. 

It’s easy to see why PPC advertising is full of pitfalls for so many and this is why we’ve created a simple list of 3 easy steps:

1. Mantra: No DIY
Let an experienced agency like Navig8 create, look after and enhance your PPC campaign. The expertise will save you lots and lots of money by targeting your audience accurately, obtaining click costs as low as £0.07. You can’t afford not to.

2. Know who you are as a brand
Knowing who it is that you’re trying to appeal to can make a world of difference when it comes to engaging and increasing your audience.  Ask yourself – what does my business actually do? Who am I trying to appeal to? If you need help with this process, Navig8 can guide you through the creation of a positioning statement.

3. Is your website holding you back?
Before the PPC advertising is set up, do a website health check. Once potential customers have clicked on your ad, it’s up to your website to seal the deal. Any glitches? Is it loading slowly? With all the goodwill in the world, if your website is not up to scratch, it’s a complete waste of money to drive people to it.  If you feel your website might need a spruce up or a complete redesign, get in touch with Navig8 for a free diagnosis and quote.


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