How do you help launch a new company, with very limited budget, in a fiercely competitive market and begin to push them up the rankings? We did it (still doing it) for Plumbster, a new central London based plumbing, electrician, jetting and maintenance team – targeting the big boys.

So where do you start?

After the branding has been delivered, but before the website design and build, we perform a complete and deep analysis of the current market.

In this instance, it turns out that the emergency plumbing sector in London is full to the brim of compromises (some operating out of Russia!) have a hold on the natural and paid search market.

Undaunted we looked at a select focus of terms, looking at the term itself, the average search per month (the number of searches) and the ‘difficulty’. Difficulty meaning what competition is currently targeting that particular term and how hard it will be to to get our company in the top rankings. For instance:

‘emergency boiler repair London’ has a 170 searches a month with a difficulty of 18

‘plumber London’ has 2900 searches a month, but a difficulty level of 38

So we have to balance what can be achieved against what will deliver business to Plumbster and what their key business is. Not only that, we have to consult with the client to find out what is their most profitable activity. There s no point in focusing on an easy win, if the client ends up delivering emergency plumber in London services for a leaky tap!.

Then we go onto looking at maximising the page structure, titles, H1 tags, descriptions and content to focus on the SEO goals.

This manifests itself in essentially two documents; the SEO strategy and the website structure or architecture. These two documents underpin our activities for the first three months (these things need constant review and updating) so that what we put in place on ‘day one’ work to the best possible outcome.

To say these things take time and an investment of time is an understatement. Once the foundations are in place, constant updates, content generation and monitoring are essential to success. And success can be considerable.

Notwithstanding, search result success does not mean business conversion. It is not enough for us (Navig8) to come page one for ‘annual report design’ we have to demonstrate we are experts in our filed, with real life examples of what we can do.

Plumbster offer a range of services:

  • London emergency plumber

  • London emergency electrician

  • London jetting

  • Electrician in London

  • Property maintenance

So we have a lot of work to do to tackle each service and search term. That’s a bit of work.

I cannot reiterate how long this stuff takes to get right and get ‘noticed by Google or Bing’. But we will get there, watch this space.

Other issues for Plumbster are:

  • Google places, recognising the company exists

  • Trust Pilot and Google reviews

  • Backlinks

  • and a whole host more

We have a dedicated team of SEO experts who perform analysis, deliver strategy and generate content. And we can prove our results.