Remember the year 2000? The new Millennium. What were you up to?

Navig8 opened its doors in 2000 in a tiny office on Goodge Street, so tiny that I could touch both walls at the same time, by just stretching out my arms. So we are really 15 and a bit years old, but adding 'a bit' to the graphic looks rubbish. We've moved offices three times. Every time, just around the corner, but in many ways we have come so far.

In 2000 the Tate Modern opened, the Millennium Bridge was swaying to the sounds of Westlife's 'I have a dream'. Thank goodness that didn't last long.  Let's look back (but not in anger) at what the world, and we, were up to.

Before the days of an in-house design team, Navig8 was the in-house, out-house design team for UNISON, still one of the biggest unions in the UK.

Citizens Advice
Citizens Advice (notice no apostrophe, who needs it right?) got an Annual Report, campaign, you name it. Still a client today.

What was the internet up to?
This was a time when Flash ruled and every client wanted a loading page. Content management sites were a misty dream and the site 'under construction' image was a requirement, especially if it had a new fangled animated GIF. Bless.

What was on the playlist
Navig8 always has a great playlist, but what were we listening to 15 years ago?
Coldplay had just released 'Parachutes' and we were all 'yellow'. Oasis were 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants' and Shania Twain asked us to 'Come on over' and we politely declined.

The Mother of all crashes
In December 1999 we were all nervous and full of interpolation as we were told the digital end of the world was nigh. Yes the Millennium Bug was about to bring planes down from the sky, stock markets crashing and the arrival of a digital armageddon. We braced ourselves at 11:59pm... and then nothing happened. Phew. 

UCL BioMedica
This unit has long been swallowed up by UCLB. BioMedica's job was to help commercialise innovation in the university. Helping all those professor types who invented things like plastic arteries and virtual 3D environments. We created the identity and some wild looking materials.

All in all it was a fun start to the year and the business.

Here's to the next 15 (and a bit) years...

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