Drupal provides many solutions for integrating CRM systems. This blog discusses the modules that connect the CRM system according to your needs. Remember Drupal is a very powerful and scalable platform and can provide lots of solutions that a CRM system provides. So a CRM solution may be overkill depending on the scale/scope of the project, which could be done in Drupal itself. But for projects where particular CRM systems are needed, connecting and extracting data from Drupal should not be a problem. Below are some of the popular CRM systems and the Drupal modules to connect to them.

Sugar CRM

Couple of modules exist to connect to SugarCRM from Drupal, which are Drupal to Sugar and Webform2Sugar.
Drupal to Sugar: Provides integration at webform levels. The GUI provided by the easy to use and mapping related fields can be done in the admin interface without having to do any custom coding. However if you have multipage webform this module will not work.

Webform2Sugar: If you have a multipage webform Webform2sugar will work fine. Same as Drupal to Sugar the mapping of the fields can be done directly from the admin UI.


Salesforce Suite: It supports integration with Salesforce by syncing Drupal entities like users, nodes and files. The module helps in sending Drupal data to Salesforce as well as receiving Salesforce data into Drupal.  There is also an active development for 8.x branch.

RedHen CRM

RedHen CRM: is a Drupal based CRM which comes with common CRM functions like managing contacts, companies and their relationships. ThinkShout who developed the Salesforce Suite are also developing and maintaining the RedHen CRM module so Salesforce integration with Redhen is part of the project.

CRM Core

CRM Core: provides a set of modules for managing activities, contacts and relationships for your Drupal site. It provides a frameworks for managing these and also can be extended with a number of other modules like CRM Core Donation, CRM Core Events etc. The full lists of extensions are listed in the module project page.

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