Drupal offers many modules for font replacements but here we look at the various ways of applying them.  

 1.     Fontyourface module: This is one of my favourite font replacement modules as there's no need to add JS or write CSS.  It's one of the best solutions for applying web fonts using CSS @font-face via a interface is to use fontyourface module. The module provides interface for applying fonts from several providers like Typekit.com , Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, Fontdeck, Fonts.com and Adobe Edge Web fonts.

The module also enables to import your local font in web formats. To generate web formats you can use a font generator l prefer using Font Squirrel, this will generate web formats like EOT, TTF, WOFF and SVG. Make sure all these formats are uploaded so that the fonts are rendered in all the browsers. Also make sure you have the license to the fonts which you use.

2.     Cufon module : Cufon is an Image bases text replacement method for font replacement. You need to download cufon yui.js and generate font definition which needs to be added to the theme folder.  The difference between Fontyourface is that cufon uses canvas element and VML to render typefaces using JS.

3.     Webfont Loader module: This module is a good replacement for Fontyourface. The font packages from Google Font Directory, typekit, fontdeck, fontslive, fonts.com can be used. This module too supports use of custom fonts.


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