British Council | Team Talk Animation

For this particular project, we were tasked with creating an informative, fun and engaging video to help spread word of the various changes to internal communications within the British Council.

In order to do this we designed a full character set and animated them to showcase the benefits of the new internal changes. We highlighted the key pieces of information using dynamic upbeat motion graphics. The vibrant colour palette combined with fun character based animation helped emphasise the subject matter in a more engaging way so that the audience digest information easier.

British Council | Vocabulary Challenge Animation No.1

We had the fantastic opportunity to work alongside the British Council to produce a series of fun character based animations for their Vocabulary Challenge initiative which specialises in teaching students new English words to aide with their learning.

With a combination of vibrant colours and simple flat illustration techniques, this motion design project really comes to life to create a short, concise yet playful approach to answering the animation brief, all whilst adhering to the Vocabulary Challenge brand.

Study UK | World Theatre Day Fact Infographic

With a smooth themed intro animation and speedy use of typographic motion design this short animation was the ideal way to throw out some simple facts in a visually stimulating way.

The Art of Parenting | Your Car

The Art of Parenting | Weapon of Mass Destruction

UCL | Enterprise Awards Presentation 2013

For this project we created a series of custom animations specifically designed for each segment of the evenings awards presentation. The animations were embedded into a PowerPoint presentation to allow for complete control when shown on the evening.

Our chosen combination of a simple branded colour palette and smooth transitional effects created a truly unique visual experience for the evening with the end result displaying a strong example of typographic motion design at its finest.

Study UK | Easter Walkthrough 2018

Our second Study UK Easter 2018 animation guided the viewer through some of the UK’s most famous landmarks whilst truly embracing the spirit of Easter.

British Council | Vocabulary Challenge Animation No.2

The second short animation in the Vocabulary Challenge series shows some other examples of great motion design.

The focus for this animation was to create a bright cafe environment in which our main character could think and work. It highlights facial emotions, speedy transitional effects, which are both topped off with individual element animations such as the laptop opening and coffee cup splash to give the final animation some dynamic flare.

Did you manage to guess the words? Let us know!

University of London | BSc in Computer Science Promotional Bumper Video Ad

Following the success of the courses promotional video, we were commissioned to create a series of short 6 second advertisements to use across the video streaming services. These dynamic little clips were the perfect way to present concise chunks of information about the course towards the target market.

Study UK | Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Shown over the Study UK social media channels during Easter 2018 this exciting yet challenging little animation presented a light-hearted way to celebrate the holiday in a visually engaging and interactive way. Only a few eagle-eyed viewers were able to guess the correct number of eggs!

Have a go and see how many you can find – it’s much harder than it looks!

The Art of Parenting | Balancing Act

University of London | BSc in Computer Science Promotional Course Video

The video aims to show a glimpse into the future for those potential students that are wanting to shape it through the medium of advanced technology. We brought the courses branded futuristic visual identity to life with bespoke animations that highlighted the incredible opportunities that this BSc course offered its target audience.

Study UK | World Theatre Day Curtain Reveal

This animation, designed purely for social media, reveals a question from behind the curtain for the audience to answer. The quirky and fast paced animation style was the perfect to promote user engagement over the Study UK social media channels.