Our client base is extremely diverse and built on long-term relationships, speed, creativity and quality of service.

Our clients include: British Council, Goldman Sachs, The Fitzrovia Partnership, UK universities, Michelin Starred restaurants and our local pub.

Why choose us?




The team

Navig8 is a team of specialists that work together in a non-hierarchical manner, we are not big on job titles. We all work on every project together even if the brief does not require a certain specialism, everybody has input. There are no ‘silos’ and depending on the project any member of staff will lead.

We outsource very little, but when we do we have long-term relationships with our suppliers. They are trusted, some of them have been working with us form more that 20+ years, longer than the company has been established.

We are lucky enough to have a very low staff turnover, our average stay is five years, our longest nine years. We tend to recruit young and train our staff to instil our values of speed, a proactive approach and client focused solutions.

We have a way of working that enables us to respond quickly, deliver ground breaking creativity without being draconian. And we have fun.